Three People I Want to Have Dinner With

Credit goes to Spencer Woo for this blog post

1. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

This guy is an absolute genius. He was frustrated at his reading level in first grade. He sneaked encyclopedias on family vacations. His thirst for knowledge is unmatched. When I attended his Q&A and breakout session at Cross Conference, I was blown away by not only how much theology he knew but also how informed he was about our culture. Through his podcasts The Briefing and Thinking in Public (both of which I highly recommend), he challenges Christians to think about current events from a Christian worldview. Not to mention he turned around SBTS when it was dominated by liberalism. Praise God for Albert Mohler standing up for truth.

2. Clayton Kershaw, pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers

What more is there to say? The best pitcher in baseball who just happens to be on my favorite team. Two Cy Youngs in the last three years. Commonly compared to Sandy Koufax. But that’s only his athletic resume. He goes on mission trips with his wife to Zambia during the offseason. He sets up a faith-based charity to reach out to underprivileged children. Unashamed of sharing the Gospel. Praise God for Clayton Kershaw using his platform for the sake of the Kingdom.

3. Mike Allen, chief political reporter, Politico

He is definitely the least well-known of the three. In his job, he writes the Playbook, a daily rundown of everything that is going on in Washington DC. He’s got the inside sources on everything in politics. He’s also a Christian involved with a Sovereign Grace church in Virginia.  In my opinion, he does a great job of staying nonpartisan in his journalistic endeavors. This allows him to be a godly witness to so many powerful people in government on both sides of the aisle that we could never think of knowing. Praise God for Mike Allen in his pursuit of excellence in his vocation.

Stay tuned for more.


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