Sunday Six (3/1/2015)

Happy Saturday Sunday! Hope you enjoyed your time of corporate worship with the local church. Apologies for the late post as I was out all day Saturday. Here are the top blog posts of the week:

After last week’s tragic murder of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS, there were some questions on who exactly the Coptic Christians are. Pastor and TGC blogger Kevin DeYoung enlightens us with some background on what they teach.

The case of the florist in Washington refusing to make decorations for a same-sex wedding continues to draw attention in the media. Theologian Douglas Wilson gives reasons for why Christians should follow her example in the same situation. Please continue to pray for her: Baronelle Stutzman.

Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald confessed that he lied about his previous involvement with the special forces. Pastor and TGC blogger Erik Raymond talks about how sin is, first and foremost, against God, and how the motive is always to steal glory away from Him for ourselves.

Former pastor Rob Bell appeared on Oprah’s show recently to discuss his new book on marriage. Not surprisingly, he gave a few eyeopening statements on the subject. Pastor and RTS professor Michael Kruger responds to those comments with a few of his own.

The Shepherds’ Conference starts on Tuesday! You can find the schedule and live-stream at Pastor and Cripplegate blogger Mike Riccardi summarizes some of Albert Mohler’s arguments for inerrancy taken directly from a book on the matter.

This one caught my eye simply because the introduction mentioned Michael Jordan. Pastor and Glory Books blogger Robert Wauhop answers the question, “How would you describe a Christian to someone for the first time?”

BONUS! For those who struggle with idolatry (like myself), this was very revealing. Blogger Tim Challies confesses that his validation is found in speaking far away at large conferences, not in Christ’s completed work on the cross. So what gives you affirmation?

Have a blessed week!


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