Sunday Six (3/8/2015)

I’ll try to make this quick since it’s late.

Los Angeles Angels outfielder and professing Christian Josh Hamilton has fought for years to stay clean from his previous addictions to drugs and alcohol. Last week, he admitted to experiencing another relapse. TGC editor Jeff Robinson reminds us that the same thing could easily happen to us.

Recall from last week that ex-pastor Rob Bell admits that support for same-sex marriage from churches is inevitable. SBTS professor Owen Strachan replies that Christians aren’t ready to give in quite yet.

You will remember that about a year ago, Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham and Bill Nye the Science Guy debated over the origins of the universe. In an early episode of his show, Bill Nye featured the inventor of the MRI scanner, Dr. Raymond Damadian. Ken Ham reveals that Dr. Damadian is a biblical creationist and that Bill Nye unknowingly brought glory to God through his profile of him!

Are you always puzzled on how you would have answered the question, “Are you hiding Jews in your home?” Fear no longer! Pastor Clint Archer lays out the possibilities to solving ethical dilemmas.

It’s a long ways away for me, but it’s never to early to think about how to raise my children (Lord-willing I get married and have children). Pastor Dan Phillips shares about his weekly meetups with his sons since they became teenagers. What an encouragement.

Hebrews 10:24-25 is a commonly cited passage to support the necessity for regular church gatherings (and rightfully so). But Pastor Erik Raymond points out that the part that is sometimes neglected is the first command in that section of Scripture.

*BONUS: How do you minister to someone who comes to you with a problem or struggle? Pastor Jason Vaughn gives us four practical steps to use in that situation.

I’ll also post a Shepherds’ Conference roundup sometime in the next few days.

Have a blessed week!


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