2016 Olympics Recap/Preview: Day -1

Day -2 Recap

Women’s Soccer: The US got off to a good start with a 2-0 win over New Zealand, with goals from Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan. Their toughest challenge in the group stage comes this Saturday vs. France.

Day -1 Preview

Men’s Soccer

The United States didn’t qualify for the 2nd straight Olympics, an embarrassment considering the sport is “on the rise” in this country. Nothing to comment about here. 0 = Try harder next time

The rules only allow players under age 23 to play, with an exception of 3 players, so there aren’t many well-known players that will take the pitch. Host country Brazil is the heavy favorite, with Barcelona forward Neymar leading the charge to make up for the 7-1 debacle 2 years ago in the World Cup semifinal vs. Germany. Mexico is the defending champion.

TV Listings

Men’s Soccer: Brazil vs. South Africa (3 pm ET, NBCSN)

Men’s Soccer: Mexico vs. Germany (4 pm ET, USA)


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