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Reformation Resources

I thought I’d share some helpful resources that I’ve come across recently as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses in Wittenberg.

5 Minutes in Church History – Dr. Stephen Nichols, Ligonier Ministries

Daily podcasts through October on the life of Martin Luther

Men Who Rocked the World 2014 – Dr. Steve Lawson, One Passion Ministries

Mini-conference with biographies of Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Calvin, and John Knox

The Five Solas of the Reformation – Dr. Joseph Babij, Calvary Community Church

The fundamental doctrines of the Reformation

The Reformation – Dr. Nathan Busenitz, The Master’s Seminary (free through October 31st using code TMSDAY)

Condensed course with recorded lectures, readings, and quizzes intended for lay leaders

The Reformation – Dr. Carl Trueman, Westminster Theological Seminary

Comprehensive seminary-level overview of the Reformation

Reformation Songs – Getty Music

Free mp3s and sheet music of 6 modern hymns written by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Why the Reformation Still Matters – Michael Reeves and Tim Chester

Free ebook on the implications of the Reformation today


2016 Olympics Preview: Day 9

Track and Field: Women’s Marathon (8:30 am ET/PT, NBC)

Tennis: Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Men’s Singles (11 am ET, Bravo)

Basketball: Women’s – USA vs. China (11 am ET/PT, NBC), Men’s – USA vs. France (1 pm ET, NBCSN)

Shooting: Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions (12 pm ET, USA)

Volleyball: Women’s – USA vs. China (4 pm ET/PT, NBC)

Gymnastics: Men’s Floor, Women’s Vault, Men’s Pommel Horse, Women’s Bars (7 pm ET/PT, NBC)

Track and Field: Women’s Triple Jump, Men’s 400m, Men’s 100m (8 pm ET/PT, NBC)

Diving: Women’s 3m Springboard (10 pm ET/PT, NBC)

Beach Volleyball: Walsh-Jennings/Ross (USA) vs. Australia (11 pm ET/PT, NBC)

2016 Olympics Preview: Day 5

Events to Watch

Tennis: Women’s singles QF, men’s singles 3R, men’s doubles SF (9:45 am ET, Bravo)

Men’s Beach Volleyball: Gibb/Rosenthal, USA vs. Spain (10 am ET/PT, NBC)

Men’s Water Polo: USA vs. France (10:40 am ET/PT, NBC)

Men’s Rugby: USA vs. Fiji (12:30 pm ET, USA)

Women’s Volleyball: USA vs. Serbia (2 pm ET/PT, NBC)

*Men’s Shooting: Double Trap (2 pm ET, MSNBC)

*Men’s Canoe/Kayak: Kayak Single Slalom (2:15 pm ET,

Women’s Basketball: USA vs. Serbia (2:30 pm ET, NBCSN)

*Men’s Gymnastics: Individual All-Around Final (3 pm ET,

Men’s Archery: Zach Garrett, USA vs. Malaysia (3:18 pm ET,

Women’s Field Hockey: USA vs. Japan (4:15 pm ET, NBCSN)

Men’s Boxing: Nico Hernandez, USA vs. Ecuador (4:15 pm ET,; Gary Russell, USA vs. Haiti (5:45 pm ET,

Men’s Basketball: USA vs. Australia (6 pm ET, NBCSN)

*Fencing: Women’s Individual Foil, Men’s Individual Sabre (7 pm ET, CNBC)

Women’s Beach Volleyball: Walsh-Jennings/Ross, USA vs. Switzerland (8 pm ET/PT, NBC)

*Swimming: Men’s 200 Breast, Women’s 200 Fly, Men’s 100 Free, Women’s 4×200 Free Relay Finals (9 pm ET/PT, NBC)

2016 Olympics Recap/Preview: Day 3 (SPOILER ALERT)

Apologies for not posting yesterday as I was away for the weekend.

Days 1-2 Recap


Men’s Team: South Korea, United States, Australia

Women’s Team: South Korea, Russia, Taiwan


Men’s Road Race: Belgium, Denmark, Poland

Women’s Road Race: Netherlands, Sweden, Italy


Women’s Synchronized 3m: China, Italy, Australia


Women’s Individual Epee: Hungary, Italy, China

Men’s Individual Foil: Italy, Alexander Massialas – United States, Russia


Women’s 48kg: Argentina, South Korea, Japan/Kazakhstan

Men’s 60kg: Russian, Kazakhstan, Japan/Uzbekistan

Women’s 52kg: Kosovo, Italy, Japan/Russia

Men’s 66kg: Italy, South Korea, Uzbekistan/Japan


Women’s 10m Air Rifle: Virginia Thrasher – United States!, China, China

Men’s 10m Air Pistol: Vietnam, Brazil, China

Women’s 10m Air Pistol: China, Russia, Greece

Women’s Trap: Australia, New Zealand, Corey Cogdell – United States


Men’s 400m IM: Japan, Chase Kalisz – United States, Japan

Men’s 400m Freestyle: Australia, China, Italy

Women’s 400m IM: Hungary, Maya DiRado – United States, Spain

Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay: Australia, Manuel/Weitzeil/Vollmer/Ledecky – United States, Canada

Women’s 100m Butterfly: Sweden, Canada, Dana Vollmer – United States

Men’s 100m Breaststroke: Great Britain, South Africa, Cody Miller – United States

Women’s 400m Freestyle: Katie Ledecky – United States!, Great Britain, Leah Smith – United States

Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay: Dressel/Phelps/Held/Adrian – United States!, France, Australia


Women’s 48kg: Thailand, Indonesia, Japan

Women’s 53kg: Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea

Men’s 56kg: China, North Korea, Thailand

Total after Day 2: 3 gold + 5 silver + 4 bronze = 12 medals (1st)

Day 3 Preview


Men’s Synchronized 10m (LIVE 3 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium


Women’s Individual Sabre (3 pm ET, NBCSN): 2 = On the outside looking in


Men’s Team (LIVE 3 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium


Men’s 73kg (3 pm ET, MSNBC): 2 = On the outside looking in

Women’s 57kg (3 pm ET, MSNBC): 4 = Serious contender


Women’s (6 pm ET, CNBC): 0 = Try harder next time


Men’s 10m Air Rifle (11 am ET, 1 = Do you believe in miracles?

Men’s Trap (LIVE 2:30 pm ET,; TAPE 3 pm ET, MSNBC): 0 = Try harder next time


Men’s 200m Freestyle (9:21 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium

Women’s 100m Backstroke (9:30 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium

Men’s 100m Backstroke (9:38 pm ET/PT, NBC): 4 = Serious contender

Women’s 100m Breaststroke (9:54 pm ET/PT, NBC): 4 = Serious contender


Women’s 58kg (LIVE 2:30 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET, NBCSN): 0 = Try harder next time

Men’s 62kg (LIVE 6 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET, NBCSN): 0 = Try harder next time




2016 Olympics Preview: Day 1

Only previewing gold medal events from now on. Too many sports, too little time.


Men’s Team (2:15 pm ET, MSNBC): 4 = Serious contender


Men’s Road Race (8 am ET/PT, NBC): 2 = On the outside looking in


Women’s Individual Epee (LIVE 3 pm ET,; TAPE 6:30 pm ET, USA): 1 = Do you believe in miracles?


Women’s 48kg (LIVE 2:30 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET, NBCSN): 0 = Try harder next time

Men’s 60kg (same as above): 0 = Try harder next time


Women’s 10m Air Rifle (9:30 am ET, NBCSN): 2 = On the outside looking in

Men’s 10m Air Pistol (2:30 pm ET, 3 = Just get on the podium


Men’s 400m IM (9:03 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium

Men’s 400m Free (9:30 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium

Women’s 400m IM (9:49 pm ET/PT, NBC) 3 = Just get on the podium

Women’s 4x100m Free (10:24 pm ET/PT, NBC) 3 = Just get on the podium


Women’s 48kg (LIVE 6 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET, NBCSN): 1 = Do you believe in miracles?

2016 Olympics Recap/Preview: Day 0

Day -1 Recap

Men’s Soccer: In group play, Brazil drew 0-0 vs. South Africa, and Mexico drew 2-2 vs. Germany.

Day 0 Preview

Opening Ceremony

Michael Phelps will be the flag-bearer for the United States, in his final (?) Olympics. Here’s some fun facts about the U.S. Olympic Team (h/t Team USA Fun Facts):

  • 554 members (262 men, 292 women)
  • 189 returning (106 medalists, 66 champions)
  • 46 states represented (124 from California)

TV Listings

Opening Ceremony (7:30 pm ET/PT, NBC)

WARNING before you decide to watch tonight:


2016 Olympics Recap/Preview: Day -1

Day -2 Recap

Women’s Soccer: The US got off to a good start with a 2-0 win over New Zealand, with goals from Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan. Their toughest challenge in the group stage comes this Saturday vs. France.

Day -1 Preview

Men’s Soccer

The United States didn’t qualify for the 2nd straight Olympics, an embarrassment considering the sport is “on the rise” in this country. Nothing to comment about here. 0 = Try harder next time

The rules only allow players under age 23 to play, with an exception of 3 players, so there aren’t many well-known players that will take the pitch. Host country Brazil is the heavy favorite, with Barcelona forward Neymar leading the charge to make up for the 7-1 debacle 2 years ago in the World Cup semifinal vs. Germany. Mexico is the defending champion.

TV Listings

Men’s Soccer: Brazil vs. South Africa (3 pm ET, NBCSN)

Men’s Soccer: Mexico vs. Germany (4 pm ET, USA)