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2016 Olympics Preview: Day 9

Track and Field: Women’s Marathon (8:30 am ET/PT, NBC)

Tennis: Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Men’s Singles (11 am ET, Bravo)

Basketball: Women’s – USA vs. China (11 am ET/PT, NBC), Men’s – USA vs. France (1 pm ET, NBCSN)

Shooting: Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions (12 pm ET, USA)

Volleyball: Women’s – USA vs. China (4 pm ET/PT, NBC)

Gymnastics: Men’s Floor, Women’s Vault, Men’s Pommel Horse, Women’s Bars (7 pm ET/PT, NBC)

Track and Field: Women’s Triple Jump, Men’s 400m, Men’s 100m (8 pm ET/PT, NBC)

Diving: Women’s 3m Springboard (10 pm ET/PT, NBC)

Beach Volleyball: Walsh-Jennings/Ross (USA) vs. Australia (11 pm ET/PT, NBC)


2016 Olympics Preview: Day 5

Events to Watch

Tennis: Women’s singles QF, men’s singles 3R, men’s doubles SF (9:45 am ET, Bravo)

Men’s Beach Volleyball: Gibb/Rosenthal, USA vs. Spain (10 am ET/PT, NBC)

Men’s Water Polo: USA vs. France (10:40 am ET/PT, NBC)

Men’s Rugby: USA vs. Fiji (12:30 pm ET, USA)

Women’s Volleyball: USA vs. Serbia (2 pm ET/PT, NBC)

*Men’s Shooting: Double Trap (2 pm ET, MSNBC)

*Men’s Canoe/Kayak: Kayak Single Slalom (2:15 pm ET,

Women’s Basketball: USA vs. Serbia (2:30 pm ET, NBCSN)

*Men’s Gymnastics: Individual All-Around Final (3 pm ET,

Men’s Archery: Zach Garrett, USA vs. Malaysia (3:18 pm ET,

Women’s Field Hockey: USA vs. Japan (4:15 pm ET, NBCSN)

Men’s Boxing: Nico Hernandez, USA vs. Ecuador (4:15 pm ET,; Gary Russell, USA vs. Haiti (5:45 pm ET,

Men’s Basketball: USA vs. Australia (6 pm ET, NBCSN)

*Fencing: Women’s Individual Foil, Men’s Individual Sabre (7 pm ET, CNBC)

Women’s Beach Volleyball: Walsh-Jennings/Ross, USA vs. Switzerland (8 pm ET/PT, NBC)

*Swimming: Men’s 200 Breast, Women’s 200 Fly, Men’s 100 Free, Women’s 4×200 Free Relay Finals (9 pm ET/PT, NBC)

2016 Olympics Recap/Preview: Day 3 (SPOILER ALERT)

Apologies for not posting yesterday as I was away for the weekend.

Days 1-2 Recap


Men’s Team: South Korea, United States, Australia

Women’s Team: South Korea, Russia, Taiwan


Men’s Road Race: Belgium, Denmark, Poland

Women’s Road Race: Netherlands, Sweden, Italy


Women’s Synchronized 3m: China, Italy, Australia


Women’s Individual Epee: Hungary, Italy, China

Men’s Individual Foil: Italy, Alexander Massialas – United States, Russia


Women’s 48kg: Argentina, South Korea, Japan/Kazakhstan

Men’s 60kg: Russian, Kazakhstan, Japan/Uzbekistan

Women’s 52kg: Kosovo, Italy, Japan/Russia

Men’s 66kg: Italy, South Korea, Uzbekistan/Japan


Women’s 10m Air Rifle: Virginia Thrasher – United States!, China, China

Men’s 10m Air Pistol: Vietnam, Brazil, China

Women’s 10m Air Pistol: China, Russia, Greece

Women’s Trap: Australia, New Zealand, Corey Cogdell – United States


Men’s 400m IM: Japan, Chase Kalisz – United States, Japan

Men’s 400m Freestyle: Australia, China, Italy

Women’s 400m IM: Hungary, Maya DiRado – United States, Spain

Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay: Australia, Manuel/Weitzeil/Vollmer/Ledecky – United States, Canada

Women’s 100m Butterfly: Sweden, Canada, Dana Vollmer – United States

Men’s 100m Breaststroke: Great Britain, South Africa, Cody Miller – United States

Women’s 400m Freestyle: Katie Ledecky – United States!, Great Britain, Leah Smith – United States

Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay: Dressel/Phelps/Held/Adrian – United States!, France, Australia


Women’s 48kg: Thailand, Indonesia, Japan

Women’s 53kg: Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea

Men’s 56kg: China, North Korea, Thailand

Total after Day 2: 3 gold + 5 silver + 4 bronze = 12 medals (1st)

Day 3 Preview


Men’s Synchronized 10m (LIVE 3 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium


Women’s Individual Sabre (3 pm ET, NBCSN): 2 = On the outside looking in


Men’s Team (LIVE 3 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium


Men’s 73kg (3 pm ET, MSNBC): 2 = On the outside looking in

Women’s 57kg (3 pm ET, MSNBC): 4 = Serious contender


Women’s (6 pm ET, CNBC): 0 = Try harder next time


Men’s 10m Air Rifle (11 am ET, 1 = Do you believe in miracles?

Men’s Trap (LIVE 2:30 pm ET,; TAPE 3 pm ET, MSNBC): 0 = Try harder next time


Men’s 200m Freestyle (9:21 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium

Women’s 100m Backstroke (9:30 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium

Men’s 100m Backstroke (9:38 pm ET/PT, NBC): 4 = Serious contender

Women’s 100m Breaststroke (9:54 pm ET/PT, NBC): 4 = Serious contender


Women’s 58kg (LIVE 2:30 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET, NBCSN): 0 = Try harder next time

Men’s 62kg (LIVE 6 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET, NBCSN): 0 = Try harder next time




2016 Olympics Preview: Day 1

Only previewing gold medal events from now on. Too many sports, too little time.


Men’s Team (2:15 pm ET, MSNBC): 4 = Serious contender


Men’s Road Race (8 am ET/PT, NBC): 2 = On the outside looking in


Women’s Individual Epee (LIVE 3 pm ET,; TAPE 6:30 pm ET, USA): 1 = Do you believe in miracles?


Women’s 48kg (LIVE 2:30 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET, NBCSN): 0 = Try harder next time

Men’s 60kg (same as above): 0 = Try harder next time


Women’s 10m Air Rifle (9:30 am ET, NBCSN): 2 = On the outside looking in

Men’s 10m Air Pistol (2:30 pm ET, 3 = Just get on the podium


Men’s 400m IM (9:03 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium

Men’s 400m Free (9:30 pm ET/PT, NBC): 3 = Just get on the podium

Women’s 400m IM (9:49 pm ET/PT, NBC) 3 = Just get on the podium

Women’s 4x100m Free (10:24 pm ET/PT, NBC) 3 = Just get on the podium


Women’s 48kg (LIVE 6 pm ET,; TAPE 8 pm ET, NBCSN): 1 = Do you believe in miracles?

2016 Olympics Recap/Preview: Day 0

Day -1 Recap

Men’s Soccer: In group play, Brazil drew 0-0 vs. South Africa, and Mexico drew 2-2 vs. Germany.

Day 0 Preview

Opening Ceremony

Michael Phelps will be the flag-bearer for the United States, in his final (?) Olympics. Here’s some fun facts about the U.S. Olympic Team (h/t Team USA Fun Facts):

  • 554 members (262 men, 292 women)
  • 189 returning (106 medalists, 66 champions)
  • 46 states represented (124 from California)

TV Listings

Opening Ceremony (7:30 pm ET/PT, NBC)

WARNING before you decide to watch tonight:


2016 Olympics Recap/Preview: Day -1

Day -2 Recap

Women’s Soccer: The US got off to a good start with a 2-0 win over New Zealand, with goals from Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan. Their toughest challenge in the group stage comes this Saturday vs. France.

Day -1 Preview

Men’s Soccer

The United States didn’t qualify for the 2nd straight Olympics, an embarrassment considering the sport is “on the rise” in this country. Nothing to comment about here. 0 = Try harder next time

The rules only allow players under age 23 to play, with an exception of 3 players, so there aren’t many well-known players that will take the pitch. Host country Brazil is the heavy favorite, with Barcelona forward Neymar leading the charge to make up for the 7-1 debacle 2 years ago in the World Cup semifinal vs. Germany. Mexico is the defending champion.

TV Listings

Men’s Soccer: Brazil vs. South Africa (3 pm ET, NBCSN)

Men’s Soccer: Mexico vs. Germany (4 pm ET, USA)

2016 Olympics Preview: Day -2

Women’s Soccer

The World Cup champs and 3-time defending gold medalists look better than ever, led by Carli Lloyd (remember this? Despite losing Lauren Holiday and Abby Wambach to retirement, they’ve had young players step in, including 18-year-old Mallory Pugh. By no means is this tournament going to be a cake walk (especially in soccer-worshipping Brazil), but the USWNT should have high expectations. 5 = Gold or bust

TV Listings

Women’s Soccer: US vs. New Zealand (6 pm ET, NBCSN)